Voice Search Optimization

Are You Ready for Voice Search?

The ways consumers use their devices to search for what they want to know, go, do and buy are becoming smarter and more personalized.

Voice search is one of these methods that is rapidly gaining momentum, offering consumers a hands-free way to access local business information in their cars, but also to connect with your brand to nearby consumers in a more natural, conversational way.

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Show Up in Voice Search Before Competitors Do

Voice search is one of the most talked about, but least understood topics brands are facing today. In a recent survey, the numbers tell us that more than 1 in 5 people are using voice search and 48% of voice search users have searched for local business information.

While voice search is still a relatively new way to stand out in local search, by getting listings voice search ready now you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors.

Adding to that, you’ll also connect with prospective customers who are already using voice technology during key micro-moments.

The Future of Local Search Is Voice Friendly

More and more people are conducting voice searches, and it’s a trend that’s not showing any signs of slowing down. People are using voice search while on the move to ask questions about operating hours, locations and where to find the nearest products or services they need.

So, the more locations your brand has, the more complex it becomes to manage online business listings for voice search readiness and ensuring they’re free of errors, inconsistencies or missing information.

Improve Online Presence

Almost half of all business locations we analyzed in our 2019 Voice Search Readiness Report had incorrect opening hours on at least some directories. Thankfully, this is a fast fix.

Engage is the easiest way to update and manage correct business information online. This is especially important during the holidays when opening hours change and this is precisely when consumers are counting on businesses to have accurate opening hours so that they can plan their store visits around their busy lives.

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